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Braden Construction is an open shop company.  We pick our vendors by value and ability to perform not by whether they are union or non union.  We might self perform certain aspects of the project by determining what makes sense.  If we can do it more cost effectively or in some cases faster, than that is the direction in which we will head.  

We have an open book policy.  Our project finances are very transparent through our budgeting and monthly progress billings.  Our line item costs reflect what we are being charged and do not include any additional markups.  This system has generated much trust and good will between our architect partners and clients.

Braden Construction takes to heart their role as a partner in the building process.  We are there to be an advocate for the client during all transactions.  We do not work for the architects or subcontractors. The client is the boss.  

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Andrew Braden, President
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