St.Croix Valley Remodel / addition

The original house was designed by Mike McQuire and Clark Engler in the 1970'S.  The new owners new good design when they saw it but needless to say some upgrading was needed.

Bald Eagle Lake Addition and Renovation

Our goal was to design an addition/renovation that embraced the spirit of this historic 19th century 18-room Italianate Victorian residence.

Square lake Log Home Addition, Stillwater Minnesota

The original log cabin was build on the shores of Square Lake north of Stillwater in the 1940's.

Lake Johanna Addition & Remodel, Arden Hills Minnesota

This lakeside home uses large areas of glass to capture the spectacular vistas.  The entire upper and lower levels were transformed and updated.

Dellwood Interior and Exterior Remodel

Homeowners in Dellwood, Minn., came to Braden wanting a substantial addition to their 1970s colonial house including a larger kitchen, family room, sunroom, laundry and defined en