Dellwood Interior and Exterior Remodel


Homeowners in Dellwood, Minn., came to Braden wanting a substantial addition to their 1970s colonial house including a larger kitchen, family room, sunroom, laundry and defined entranceway. They loved the home’s location, but felt it needed more livable space and character.

In construction there are many paths to go from point A to point B. Sometimes the path that feels right initially isn’t ultimately the best for achieving the desired outcome. Braden Construction worked with the homeowners and ultimately we decided achieving all the results could be done with remodeling the existing space rather than taking on the lengthy and expensive home addition process.

We partnered with McMonigal Architects to come up with a solid plan for updating the interior and exterior. After deciding on flow and space functionality, the design incorporated detailing and aesthetic solutions. Through ongoing communication the homeowners were pleased and approved the plan.

The results of the home are award-winning, with classic detailing that brings new personality to the home as well as increased flow and function to the spaces. Openness and light are elements found throughout the remodel. Built-ins such as shelving in the living room and a multifunctional island in the kitchen maximize every inch of space plus inject a style the house was previously lacking.


This remodel won a ROMA award from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities – just one of many awards Braden Construction has received throughout the years. 


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