Bald Eagle Lake Addition and Renovation


Our goal was to design an addition/renovation that embraced the spirit of this historic 19th century 18-room Italianate Victorian residence.  We more than met that goal, created as extraordinary new kitchen/dining/living space that flows freely to the veranda, pergola, outdoor fireplace and lap pool - ample room and comfort whether entertaining eight or eoghty.

The Solheim House

In 1897, Engelbrecht H. Hobe, a lumber dealer and vice consul to Sweden and Norway, commisioned Chicago architect Carl Struck to design a summer residence to complement Hobe's grand house in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood of St.Paul.  The result was Solheim-"House of the Sun" - built on a 600 acres track along the northwest shore of Bald Eagle Lake.

Solheim featured ornate ceilings fashioned in Norway, then painted, numbered, and shipped to America to be reassembled on-site.  Also of interest was the use of stacked two-by-fours in lieu of stud walls.  And it seems likely that parts of the main house were constructed at different times, since sections built with square nails were found adjacent to those made with round nails.

In 1909, Engelbrecht Hobe was honored by Swedish King Gustav V, who traveled to Solheim to present a medal to Hobe.  And in the 1930s, Crown Prince Olav and Princess Martha of Norway visited Hobe at Solheim.  Hobe died in 1940.  Some of his lakeshore was sold, some donated to Ramsey County.  But Solheim still stands, and we imagine that Mr Hobe would be delighted to see the care that has gone into the work we have done.

Building Design by Tim Mogck

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