Teddy Bear Park, Stillwater Minnesota


Teddy Bear Park history

The building at the park was the original horse stables for the Joseph Wolf Brewery.  The project was part of the Teddy Bear Park complex that was the former site of a metal scrap yard.  The result is a true testament to what can happen when a community decides to transform undervalued spaces into recreation destinations for residents and other visitors.

Teddy Bear Park transformation

Like many of our projects, Braden Construction worked closely with architects to ensure pristine final outcomes. We partnered with Thorbeck Architects to transform the building into a functioning space that enhances the playground elements found outside.

The result is a building that complements the hillside architecture style of historic Stillwater while providing visitors a building that can be rented for parties, picnics and other gatherings. The two levels of the building – each with their own entrance – can be rented through the city and feature a kitchen with refrigerator, sink and small microwave.

The park itself has become a popular destination for Stillwater residents as well as families who visit the city. The park’s play equipment is specially designed for children 7 and younger, so it is frequented by young families. Of course, the teddy bear theme can be seen throughout the park with statues and structures featuring the popular child’s toy.

Our meticulous and detailed process, as well as our extensive experience working with commercial and governmental clients, helped us achieve a great final result at Teddy Bear Park.


For more information about Teddy Bear Park, visit the City of Stillwater website. To learn more about how Braden Construction can help you with your renovation project, fill out the form on the Contact Us page. 

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