Minneapolis LEED Renovation


Although a demolition contractor offered a substantial discount to tear down the house, the owners' decision to renovate was based on their eco-friendly philosophy.  While the location of the original 1928 house is ideal for the family, the architecture, infrastructure, and layout did not reflect their lifestyle, aesthetics, and the sustainable features they desired.

This LEED Silver project creates a fresh, colorful, open, and modern enviroment that reflects the owners' vision.  The scale of the home fits the neighborhood.  The architecture maximizes energy efficiency, sustainability, and enviromental performence.  Unused materials were reused, donated, and recycled.  Photovoltaic panels on the roof offset some electrical loads.  Rain gardens collect roof and site water.  The owners' perspective on being green is simple: "It is the right thing to do."

Architecture by McMonigal Architects

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