What’s the best ROI home improvement for Minneapolis?

It’s a question we get all the time at Braden – what improvements provide the best return on investment? For homeowners looking strategically at their property updates and finances, finding the best ROI home improvement projects for Minneapolis tend to rise to the top of the to-do list.

While nationwide trends are a good starting point, homeowners in the Midwest – particularly in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities – need to take a local approach when researching potential home improvements. Projects that provide good ROI here are not necessarily the same as in Dallas or Denver.

Each year, Remodeling magazine compiles data on costs and resale value for 35 popular remodeling projects. The list is broken down nationally, regionally and by major city. There were some interesting numbers that came out of the Remodeling 2013 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com) for the Minneapolis area, which includes surrounding cities like Saint Paul, Eagan and Saint Cloud.

The top three projects according to midrange data in the Minneapolis Cost vs. Value Report are:

1. Entry door replacement in steel

This list starts with a pretty basic project: a steel entry door replacement. At a modest average job cost of $1,253 and a resale value of $980, this project is a clear winner. Minneapolis entry door replacements in steel have an impressive 78.2 percent recouped cost.

2. Minor kitchen remodel

A minor kitchen remodel might include replacing appliances with energy-efficient models, replacing laminate countertops, adding new cabinet fronts as well as new flooring and a new sink. The average job cost for a Minneapolis kitchen remodel (minor) is $21,549 with a resale value of $16,018, or 74.3 percent.

3. Wood deck additions

Minnesotans love the outdoors and expanded residential outdoor living spaces, so wood deck additions coming in third on the report makes sense. The average cost of a Minneapolis wood deck addition is $11,299 with a resale value of $8,187, or 72.5 percent recouped cost. The Braden pros design and install Minneapolis deck additions, helping convey homeowners’ passion for exterior design and the outdoors. 

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