Define change orders.

Just what is a change order anyway.  A change order is simply a written document that defines a departure from the original scope of the project.  It says in detail what has been changed and if the change will result in a cost increase, decrease or stay the same.  As a owner you want to know this bit of information.  The last thing you want is to get the final bill for your lovely kitchen remodel and find out its 25% higher then the original contract amount.  Oh! You didn't know that the gold plated faucet was more than the chrome one?  You would have if you had been issued a change order.  You would have known then and there that you would be spending more money and by signing the change order you are agreeing to the additional cost of the gold plated faucet. Likewise, by not signing you are saying that the chrome faucet in the original price is just fine.